Who are we?

  • Owned and operated by the UK IT Association (UKITA) , a not-for-profit trade association and professional services organisation
  • Delivering quality service since 2000
  • Over 1,000 satisfied members
  • Database of over 10,000 independent consultants in Corporate, IT, Engineering and SME advice
  • Manned by full-time UK based staff who you can speak to and who care about our service and how it works for you
  • Trusted by professional institutes and trade associations to partner for services to their members
  • Membership options include 12 and 3 month full membership.
  • Costs from ¬£3 per week

Our objectives are;
To help our clients find high quality, skilled specialists
To open doors into new clients for our consultants

We believe that independent consultants offer great value for money and represent an untapped and undervalued reservoir of skill and talent. Smart businesses use the skills and experience of the independent sector to supplement their own resources with specialist knowledge.

Whether you need specialists in marketing, computers, trademarking, sales or finance, Skillfair can put you in touch with quality checked consultants ready and able to help.

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